Light & Shade which has set its sights on becoming a lifestyle brand will first introduce products in the broader sense of interior and exterior uses for homes, offices, shops and hotels. With the experience expertise and years of trust built around quality products. Light & Shade was launched to change the face of interiors and exteriors with its touch of customary brilliance.

Window Blinds

Window ware adds personality and dignity with beautiful, quality window solutions that are specifically designed for applications that fit your unique indoor & outdoor space.


Awnings both complement the home or business by adding a touch of style, but also serving the practical purpose of keeping the interiors cool.

Fly Screens

Our made to measure Fly screens repel all flying insect from entering your home. By utilizing a weather proof, aluminum and long lasting.


It is a design element with which walls can be altered and redesigned with style.The nature of the wallpaper is pattern.Once we understand how patterns can change rooms and what power of expression th


Acrylic & PVC fabric canopies effectively shade your home or business from direct sunlight and provide a contemporary look to your establishment. Canopies can be made to any custom length and have no permanent stationary poles.


Marquees are elegant yet practical solution for providing shelter from the elements. They come in a variety of different designs and colours and each marqee is made of sturdy material with extra support cables.


Dream has a light; light has energy to make your dreams a reality. Explore our projects...









Excellent quality and service. Extremely easy to work with to deliver outstanding results. Highly recommended!

Shanika Cabraal Madarasinghe

Light&shade had been in the market for a long time and experienced a reliable service. Most attracted products for Blinds.Retractable pergolas - seems to be a very good new product

Mr. D. B. Navaratne

Director - Design Consortium Ltd
Retractable Pergola & Zebra Blinds. The above two products were excellent and recommended for many new projects

Ranjana Suraweera

Chartered Architect


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